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    This rock is from 458 to 438 million years old. On the eastern side of Louisville/Jefferson County, fossils of this age can be found in road cuts and creek beds. Central Kentucky (around Lexington) has Middle Ordovician rocks from 468 to 458 million years ago.

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    This rock is from 458 to 438 million years old. On the eastern side of Louisville/Jefferson County, fossils of this age can be found in road cuts and creek beds. Central Kentucky (around Lexington) has Middle Ordovician rocks from 468 to 458 million years ago.

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    The oldest of the Rugosa corals are found in rocks from the Ordovician Period. Many species evolved during the Paleozoic Era. As a group they flourished until the Permian Period when they became extinct along with most living things during the Great Permian Extinction. Fossil Horn Coral For Sale

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    Notes: This is a wonderful, large Kentucky agate. It would be a nice addition to any collection! It would be a nice addition to any collection! Click to Enlarge

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    Dinosaurs Fossils For Sale: Dinosaur Footprint, Eggs, Dung, Imprints, The Stones & Bones Collection.

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    Paleontology and geology. The Precambrian and Early and Middle Paleozoic: Precambrian and Cambrian rocks are only represented by material brought up in drill cores; however, early to middle Paleozoic rocks are well-represented at the surface in Kentucky Ordovician, Silurian, and early Devonian rocks contain abundant fossils, indicating the presence of warm, shallow seas teeming …

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    Fossils of Kentucky What is a fossil? A fossil is the remains, trace, or imprint of an organism (animal, plant, etc.) that has been preserved in the earth's crust (usually in rock) since some past geologic time.

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    Jul 01, 2011· The rock layers in the Cincinnati region are relatively low in the fossil record. This means they must have been among the first destroyed and buried by the Flood. The fossils in the Cincinnati region are found in a series of rock layers labeled conventionally as upper Ordovician.

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    We had one with another publisher but we just outgrew the capabilites there. Please take time to look at our new site and see whats going on in the world of rocks, gems, minerals, fossils, and jewelry in central Kentucky. In the very near future, April 22 to be exact, the club starts the spring season with a Kentucky Agate Hunt. There will be 3 ...

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    Fossil tree roots or worm burrows? I found this fossil when we were doing some dozer and excavator work, and found it very unusual. We found several large pieces, some of the rocks/fossils were 18 inches wide and about 18 inches long, it appears to be possibly tree roots or something, am completely stumped and wanted to see if anyone else could identify.

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    Fossils have the same density as rocks and weigh roughly the same. Fossils are preserved in rock or clay. The first form of life evolved 4 billion years ago, but the first visible life was 2 billion years ago. Life on land first appeared 380 million years ago. Igneous is a name for volcanic rocks, you will not find Fossils in these rocks.

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    A fossil (latin for "obtained by digging") is the preserved remains or traces of organisms (plants, animals, etc) that lived in the distant past. The convention is that a fossil must predate recorded human history. While there is no defined date, typically something must be older than 10,000 years to be considered a fossil. Read more...

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    Fossils are the same age as the sedimentary rocks that contain them, and the sedimentary rocks at Kentucky's surface range from 505 million to less than 16 million years old. A geologic map of Kentucky shows the distribution of these different age rocks. Not all ages are found in Kentucky, and the missing Permian through Cretaceous period is a ...

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    Natural History Collectibles, Fossils & Minerals Whether it's the brilliant sparkle of an amethyst geode or the rocky protrusions of a fossilized reptile, the artifacts of natural history are compelling for their role in the historical record and their wonder.

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    About the Dry Dredgers . Contact Us What We Do A Brief History of the Dry Dredgers By-laws of Dry Dredgers, Inc. The Dry Dredgers is an association of amateur geologists dedicated to the knowledge and enjoyment of fossils.

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    The Fort Payne and Warsaw-Salem Formations, rock units of Mississippian age, contain numerous geodes in Kentucky. In many places, creeks that drain these formations are filled with geodes. Other geode-collecting locations include the Green River in south-central Kentucky and along ancient terraces of the Kentucky River.

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    Texas Bulk Fossils has many varieties of common to rare fossils for educators, kit manufacturers, and collectors from the beginner to the advanced. Please scroll down and check out the vast inventory that we offer. We also have some items not native to Texas in stock. Please email us through the "contact" form at the bottom of the page or call or text.

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    May 11, 2012· These scientists suppose that the Kentucky area was a sea at one time, containing only primitive sea creatures, based upon the types of fossils found in the same rock layer (Upper Ordovician rock sometimes referred to as "Cincinnatian").

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    Okay.. we took the plunge and switched hosting companies and a new Server.. our site is ALL SECURE now and MUCH, MUCH FASTER!! Yippee!!!!! Enjoy the faster browsing.. if you have any issues...

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    Platystrophia Brachiopod From Kentucky (Item #1840), Fossil Brachiopods for sale. FossilEra your source to quality fossil specimens.